Straight Hair…. Don’t Care!

Hi Beauties! 

Last Monday was my birthday!!! I celebrated by spending the day eating and shopping in Brighton. What’s better than eating and shopping? Lol I also spent time with friends and loved ones. I received the greatest care package from my parents in America. It was filled with all my favorite goodies from home! 

My makeup and hair were simple on my birthday. I wanted subtle eye makeup with a glow. Check out my makeup details below. 


  • ELF Poreless Face Primer
  • Mac Foundation – NC47
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealor- #35
  • Ulta Contour Kit Powder
  • Makeup Revolution luxury powder
  • L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte powder #700
  • Carli Bybel highlight #3
  • L.A. Colors “Terracotta” Blush


  • Crease- Burnt Orange
  • Lid- Carli Bybel Palette shade #9
  • Brow highlight Carli Bybel  #3
  • Lashes- Ardell Demi Wispies
  • Maybelline telescopic mascara”Extra Black”
  • Wet and wild Megaliner “Black Noir”


  • Liner- Rimmel London “Old Coffee Bean”
  • Lips- Makeup Geek “Jetsetter”

I  filmed this look and it will be up on my YouTube tomorrow. What do you think of this look? Let me know below! 💋

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Cat Eyes using Drugstore Brand Eyeliners

Hi Beauties!!

Let’s talk cat eyes! Today’s beauty blog theme is the infamous cat eye! I figured I would share some of my favorite drugstore brand eyeliners.

Who doesn’t love a cat eye slayed for the gawds?


This NYX gel liner in jet black was the first gel eyeliner I ever purchased. This was my OG eyeliner. I love how it dried jet black and matte. It’s also great for smudging under eye looks.

Wet and Wild’s Megaliner was a true hardship for me! I couldn’t use liquid eyeliner for anything when I first started to attempt doing a wing. I would try, try, and try again until I ended up with panda eyes.
Liquid liner definitely takes patience. I think that’s why I always used to reach for the NYX gel liner. It was easier to use and dried quickly. I have noticed myself reaching for this a lot more often because once you know how to use this liquid eyeliner, it is LIFE.

The Maybelline masterprecise pen has made an appearance on my blog before. I purchased this for the first time last year and was immediately hooked! Where was this pen when I started doing my cat eye? It has the easiest application out of all the previous mentioned liners. My only con is that I have to go over it a few times to get it jet black. I still reach for it on days when I want quick, easy, and no fuss eyeliner application.

My newest obsession is the NYX vivid brights eyeliners! The wand has an extremely tiny brush that makes application a breeze. I felt like a pro makeup artist using this the other day. I ended up going back and buying more colors. It’s goes on easy and dries quickly. What more could a girl ask for?

Those are my favorite drugstore brand eyeliners at the moment. What are some of yours? Let me know below in the comment section!

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Cranapple Makeup

Hi Beauties!!

Happy Monday! I can’t believe I am still going strong with my 30 days of blogging. Today’s topic is Autumn inspired makeup.

I created this look using only my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette on the eyes. This palette is my GO TO palette. I noticed recently that I have hit the pan on the colour burnt orange. Its favorite shade to use for a transition.

Living in South Florida, I never noticed the seasons. I was very thankful being in England last Autumn to be able to experience the rusts and reds of the leaves changing to prepare for the winter.





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Neutral Vibes using Anastasia Beverly Hills Moderen Renisasnce

Hi Beauties!

Neutral tones are definitely my fav! I love the browns and beiges of most palettes. I used my Anastasia renaissance palette for this neutral tone look.


  • ABH Dipbrow- Ebony
  • L’Oréal Infallible pro matte foundation- Soft Sabel (111)
  • Tarte- Shapetape Concealer
  • Ulta contour kit- Golden Bronzer
  • LA Colors Blush- Terracotta
  • Carli Bybel palette- #3 highlight


  • Crease- Burnt Orange
  • Outer corner- Cyprus umber
  • Inner eye- Vermeer
  • Lid- Golden Ochre
  • Brow highlight-Primavera
  • NYX Matte Gel Liner- Black


  • Rimmel London Liner- Coffee Bean
  • Kylie Jenner So Cute gloss

I love this look. It gives such a good glow. My favorite highlighter is the 3rd shade on the last row of the 1st Carli Bybel palette.

I think I’m over Matte lips. Don’t quote me on this! Lol I love a matte lip but there’s something about a juicy lip in the summer that gets me every time! Lol
What kind of lips will you be going for this summer? Matte, gloss, bold? Let me know below in the comments!

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Sunset Inspired

Hi Beauties! 

Welcome to day 5 of my 31 day beauty blog challenge! I have to admit this look took patience. I started over twice before being truly happy with my final look. 

When I think of sunsets, I immediately think of yellows, oranges, reds, and deep purple hues. 

Sunsets are gorgeous and I really wanted to capture that in my look. 

I dabbled in nearly all of my palettes to get the colours just right. I got a lot of question on what I used when I posted this pic on my snapchat. I will be filming this look this weekend!! 

Thanks so much for reading 💙💙

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Funky Eyeliner w/ NYX Vivid Brights

Hi Beauties!!
Let’s talk eyeliner! Today’s post is supposed to be about crazy eyeliner. As much as I wanted to do funky and crazy eyeliner designs… my skills just aren’t there YET. Emphasis on yet, because my skills will be one day. 

I was recently in Boots and noticed a brand new NYX cosmetics section. I haven’t been able to find the vivid bright liners anywhere. Low and behold there they were!! 

Every single color was available, so I picked out a few. I decided for this look I would use the color “vivid sapphire”. It’s gorgeous on my skin tone. I was nervous about how it would look, but in the end it gave my look a funky twist. 

I love that the NYX vivid brights liners have a thin applicator. It made applying the liner so easy! The color went on smooth and had so much pigment with just one swipe. 

I recommend this product 100%! What are some of your favorite eyeliners? Let me know below in the comments. 💙

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this!

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Day 3- Bold Lipstick 

Hi Beauties!

These are a few of my favorite bold lip looks. Normally, I am a nude toned lip girl. Nudes are life! Occasionally, I like to step out of the box. I know stepping outside of the box can be strange at first, but all you have to do is embrace it girl!

ColourPop Prim
ColourPop Prim

This is one of my favorite drugstore reds. It is a deep cherry red color. I love it on a dark grungy look. My only disappoint with this lipstick is that it feathers after hours of continuous wear.

Mac Riri Woo
Mac Riri Woo

MAC’s Riri Woo is a gorgeous bright red with a slight gloss. It’s on its last end. I know I probably should have thrown this out ages ago…. but its so hard to let go of this color.

MAC Feverent
MAC Feverent

I have a love-hate relationship with MAC’s Fervent. I never know when its “appropriate” to put it on! I get the most compliments when I wear it. LOL I love this color but get scared of a deep dark purple lip. I have to take my own advice and embrace it!

What are some of your fav bold colors? Let me know below in the comments section!!!

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this!

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Day 2- My Everyday Makeup

Hi Beauties!

My everyday makeup routine is super simple! I wear maybe 3 products in total 4 if you count chapstick.

Now that I wear lashes for full glam looks, I am often tempted to throw on a subtle lash for everyday looks too. Lashes are addicting once you start using them!

L’Oréal pro matte is my go to foundation. Mainly because it’s matte, long lasting, and affordable.

I’m addicted to winged eyeliner. I feel like a look isn’t complete without a wing. I am working on not always “winging it” but these things take time! LOL

The last product I over love is the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow in ebony. I am so late to the party with this product. It took me awhile to actually decide to purchase and I’m glad I did!

My everyday routine includes foundation, brows, subtle lashes or bronzer and chapstick. What is your everyday go-to look include? Let me know below in the comment section.

Thanks so much for reading!

Day 1 – Bare Faced featuring formula 10.0.6 skincare line 

Hi Beauties,

Today begins my 31-day beauty blog challenge!! Get EXCITEDDDD!!!


Today’s post is about my bare face. Pretty boring right? WRONG! It has taken me awhile to become totally comfy with my bare face on camera for the whole world to see. I have gotten so used to putting on makeup every day that it has become routine. The worst is when you don’t wear makeup and someone asks, “Are you feeling well?” Only because they think you look ill without makeup.


Our society has become so obsessed with being deemed “flawless” or “on fleek” at all times. I think we often forget to see the beauty in our flaws. The truth is that flaws are perfection. It is hard when that’s all you see on television , film, and social media.


I often discuss with my partner how men are so “lucky”. The only thing a man is expected to do is shower, shave, and get a hair cut. While I have to have flawless skin, eyebrows waxed, fleeky lashes, pouty lips, and a beaming highlight. Don’t even get me started on the upkeep of hair, mani/pedis, and all of the other things we as women go through to be what society deems as “beautiful”. HA! Although, I truly enjoy the complexities of it all. I see it as a form of pampering and self-love.

When I was younger I never wore makeup. I thought it was too complicated and unnecessary. OH, HOW THE TIMES HAVE CHANGED! Earlier this year, I realized I was not properly cleansing my face after wearing makeup. I was breaking out which left my skin with lots of acne scarring. I am currently on my skincare journey. I will be sharing products with you guys below that I love and recommend. In return, I would love for you to share your favorite skincare products as well.

Right now I am obsessed with Formula 10.0.6 line. It’s affordable and really works for my sensitive skin.


Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser

Their face wash works wonders for my sensitive and oily skin. It doesn’t leave me feeling overly dried out and has a refreshing scent.


So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser

I hate using this but I love it at the same time. It’s definitely deep cleansing and leaves my skin feeling tight and right!


Get Your Glow On Skin Brightening Peel Mask

This mask gives my skin a great glow! It has a brightening agent that makes your skin look amazing! I normally use it twice a week.


P.M. Perfecting Overnight Hydrating Cream

I love the consistency of this cream. It is super creamy and moisturizing.


Seriously Shine Free Mattifying Oil-Free Moisturizer

This is a holy grail product of mine. I used to only use it under my makeup, but now I use it on my makeup free days too. I have an extremely oily T-zone and this really helps combat it.

I love that this skincare line is affordable and available almost anywhere! In the states, I pick it up from Ulta and in the U.K. I pick it up from Boots.

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this!

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31 Days of Makeup Blogging!!

Hi Beauties!!!

This May I will be participating in the 31 Day Makeup Challenge. It’s actually a 30-day challenge, but I will add the 31st day to make the month complete. I’m so excited to start blogging full time and figured this would be the perfect start!

I ugre all beauty bloggers to join me starting tomorrow to begin our 30 Day Makeup Blogging Challenge!