Vampy Winter Glam Vibes

Yesterday, I was thinking about what kind of look should I do for my giveaway video? I knew I wanted a glittery eye and opted for black sparkles. Colourpop has amazing glittery eye shadows and they are super affordable! If you would like a tutorial let me know below in the comments! Check below for details:


  1. Foundation-Revolon Colorstay  Colour 400/ Caramel
  2. Contour-MAC NW50
  3. Blush- LA Colors: Terracotta
  4. Highlight- ColourPop Lunch Money


  1. Crease: Mac Saddle & Kylie Jenner Bronze Palette bronzite
  2. Lid: Colourpop Roller Girl
  3. Brow Bone Highlight:ELF Eyeshadow palette


  1. Black Nyx lip liner
  2. ColourPop- Prim





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