How To Survive Long Distance Relationship

I’ve decided that each Sunday post will be about love. Whether that be self love or the love we have others. I will be discussing a related topic each Sunday.

Today’s topic: Long Distance Relationships

As my partner James and I approach our 4 year anniversary, I reminisce on how hard we both worked to make a 5,000 mile, 5 hour time difference relationship work. He’s from a small town in England and I am from a small city in Florida. If you’re wondering how we crossed paths, I blame a unplanned girls night out gone totally right! (Lol) James was in Miami on vacation and I was just out partying. Who knew that night our paths would meet. After multiple trips, numerous phone calls, and genuine love we are now approaching our next step in our relationship…. Living together permanently! I figured since our long distance relationship has been such a success I would like share my tips with others in similar situations.

Tip 1: Communication this is the main tip that needs to be addressed. Form a close bond but remember that there is such thing as too much communication. You’ll know when you reached this point when you’re both silent on the phone with nothing to say because you’ve been chatting all day. Communication needs to be clear, honest, and enjoyable. In my situation being 5k miles apart we really had to “get to know” one another. I think that’s the reason we are best friends. We engaged in depth conversations about each other. Friendship is key.

Tip 2: Do Activities Together! I know it sounds weird but it’s totally doable. Plan time to watch movies or tv shows and discuss them later. This keeps you both feel close without being close.

Tip 3: Visit Each Other! Planning your times together makes your situation worthwhile. It also really makes you cherish the time you actually get to spend face to face with each other.
Tip 4: FaceTime. Do I really need to go in depth about this one? (Lol) seeing each other’s facial reactions during conversations is so much more personal and intimate than a normal phone call. Keeps the relationship fun and exciting.
   Tip 5: Set Goals! After awhile someone’s got to give. Set goals on where you want your relationship to be in the future and work toward those goals. It’s important make sure you both are on the same page.
I have plenty more tips! I’m curious to know what are some tips you all have for long distance relationships?



  1. Alia Tyika
    December 11, 2016 / 1:14 am

    Got this notification via email and i love it! This is truly amazing and congrats to you both but this is super beneficial for me, due to me moving abroad for six years as of next year.

    • December 11, 2016 / 1:19 am

      Thank you so much!!! It has completely changed my life. Never would I have ever guessed in a million years I would be living in England. Everything in life happens for a reason. I wish you much success in your future. Xx

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