4 Tips to Keep Sane During the Christmas Season. 

It’s that time of year, when everything gets super hectic in our lives. Everything from spending time with family, to shopping for gifts, to cooking feast, and preparing for family visits. How do you stay calm and keep your peace? It’s very simple to get lost in the sauce during this time of year. I want to share a few self care tips to pamper your self and keep you sane during the holiday season.


The best way to keep yourself from being stressed during the holiday season is planning. It’s key to plan ahead when you will shop, what you will be cooking, and tidying up for family visit. I’ve been that person who’s waited until the last moment to do all of these things. Don’t be the person who gets caught up and has to do everything the night before your in-laws arrive.

Enjoy yourself

This is easier said then done. We get so tied up in making sure everything is perfect we forget to actually enjoy these moments together. A big one I find now a days is a room full of family and everyone is on their phone. Practice disconnecting every once in awhile and living in the moment. It will make memories that last forever.


This has been my go to the past few months. I love journaling and the fact that you can look back and see where you were at one point in your life. Reliving certain moments and achievements can help reduce stress when you realize how much you’ve grown as an individual.


This is where bath bombs come in handy! Nothing says a stress releasor like a warm bubble bath and a glass of wine. Relaxation is key during hectic situations. You have to enjoy some “me” time.

What are activities you do to keep your inner peace?

Thanks for reading!
-Monroe XO


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