Benefit Rock-Itude Lip & Cheek Kit

This year I have the pleasure of celebrating Christmas twice! Recently before flying to the U.S., I celebrated Christmas in the U.K.! One of the gifts I received was the Benefit Rock-Itude Kit(retails for £25)! This is the Lip & Cheek Kit.

set includes:
benetint rose tinted lip & cheek stain | 4ml
high beam luminescent complexion enhancer | 4ml
rockateur famously provocative cheek powder | 3g
rockateur ultra plush shimmering rose gold lip gloss | 6.5ml

Now time for my honest opinions….

The benetint rose-tinted lip & cheek stain was my least favorite out of the group. I did try applying multiple times, but the color payoff just wasn’t there for me.

The high beam luminescent complexion enhancer is EVERYTHING!!! I  love this highlighter I applied this to my brow bone and my cheekbones. I could bathe in this product if necessary.

The Rocateur cheek powder really surprised me! I thought to be of a darker complexion that it wouldn’t show up will on my skin tone…. but I was OH SO WRONG! I got so many compliments asking what blush I was wearing. Definitely, a must have for brown skin.

The rockateur ultra plush shimmering rose gold lip gloss is beautiful. I would use this everyday It’s not too much or overly shimmery. I would throw on this lip gloss running errands or even dress it up with a liner for a night out.

Over all this kit is worth the hype in my opinion!

-Monroe XO


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