Sally Hansen At Home Eyebrow, Face & Lip Wax Kit Review

I have to say this review was a bit nerve-wrecking for me at first. I consider myself to be one of the clumsiest people in the world. The at home wax kit appeared to be very intimidating upon opening, but once I began the process I realized it was super easy.


I picked up the Sally Hansen microwavable eyebrow, face, and lip wax kit from my local drugstore on sale for only $5.49.

After reading the directions, I was ready to dive in! I always get nervous when it comes to my face. I have extremely sensitive skin and more importantly, I didn’t want to f**k up my eyebrows! After heating up the wax kit according to the directions, the wax wasn’t melted at all. I decided to nuke it again for an additional 30 seconds.

The application process was smooth. I placed the first bit directly under my right brow bone and followed the same direction under the left brow bone. I fumbled up on this eye because the wax got on my actual eyebrow. The wax was still warm so I was able to remove it before the wax hardened.

Ripping off the wax off wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! The part that I was most scared of was a breeze! In the end, my eyebrows came out flawlessly! The best part is I saved so much money from not getting them waxed professionally!

I would 100% use this product again!

Have you beauties ever tried at home waxing? Let me know below in the comments!



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