Day 3- Bold Lipstick 

Hi Beauties!

These are a few of my favorite bold lip looks. Normally, I am a nude toned lip girl. Nudes are life! Occasionally, I like to step out of the box. I know stepping outside of the box can be strange at first, but all you have to do is embrace it girl!

ColourPop Prim
ColourPop Prim

This is one of my favorite drugstore reds. It is a deep cherry red color. I love it on a dark grungy look. My only disappoint with this lipstick is that it feathers after hours of continuous wear.

Mac Riri Woo
Mac Riri Woo

MAC’s Riri Woo is a gorgeous bright red with a slight gloss. It’s on its last end. I know I probably should have thrown this out ages ago…. but its so hard to let go of this color.

MAC Feverent
MAC Feverent

I have a love-hate relationship with MAC’s Fervent. I never know when its “appropriate” to put it on! I get the most compliments when I wear it. LOL I love this color but get scared of a deep dark purple lip. I have to take my own advice and embrace it!

What are some of your fav bold colors? Let me know below in the comments section!!!

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this!

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