Funky Eyeliner w/ NYX Vivid Brights

Hi Beauties!!
Let’s talk eyeliner! Today’s post is supposed to be about crazy eyeliner. As much as I wanted to do funky and crazy eyeliner designs… my skills just aren’t there YET. Emphasis on yet, because my skills will be one day. 

I was recently in Boots and noticed a brand new NYX cosmetics section. I haven’t been able to find the vivid bright liners anywhere. Low and behold there they were!! 

Every single color was available, so I picked out a few. I decided for this look I would use the color “vivid sapphire”. It’s gorgeous on my skin tone. I was nervous about how it would look, but in the end it gave my look a funky twist. 

I love that the NYX vivid brights liners have a thin applicator. It made applying the liner so easy! The color went on smooth and had so much pigment with just one swipe. 

I recommend this product 100%! What are some of your favorite eyeliners? Let me know below in the comments. šŸ’™

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this!

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