Favorite Game Of Thrones Looks!

Tonight’s escalating anticipation of the Game Of Thrones season finale has fans all over the world SHOOK!!! Today as a bonus I’ve decided I want to share some of my favorite Youtube GOT hair & makeup recreations.

These GOT quintessential looks have inspired fans from all over. Showing us a variety of styles ranging from the classic beauty of Khaleesi mother of dragons to the chilling Night King!

Sansa Stark

Sally Jo’s recreation of Sansa Stark signature look is spot on. Her channel is full of reviews, vlogs, makeup, tutorials, and hauls. Her bubbly personality makes her channel worth the subscription.


Kami recreated this look effortlessly. I love when YouTubers think outside the box. There are many re-creates of Khaleesi and Sansa so this one really stood out to me. Her channel is full of hair tutorials. She helps you find the best products to make your curls pop!


I discovered Carli Bybel’s channel after her halloween Instagram post a few years ago. I couldnt tell that she wasnt the actual Khaleesi. She is so inspirational to millions of viewers all over the world. Her amazing makeup skills and kind heartedness make the follow worth while.

 White Walker

Madeyewlook is super talented. She created this look using paint only. She is truly an artist. You must check out her channel. She’s a beast when it comes to the makeup game!

Will you be watching tonight??

I can’t wait. 

Thanks so much for reading!!!




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