9 Holiday Roadtrip Essentials

The holiday season is here, who’s excited?

Traveling to be with loved ones can be pretty expensive, especially if you do not live nearby. I live in Atlanta Georgia, and my mom lives in South Florida. This year my boyfriend Milton and I will be driving down nine hours to be exact. I for one am not really a fan of long drives, but I came up with a few road trip essentials that will help make it a smooth and comfy ride.


Road Trip Essentials GPS | Monroe XO

We all know there is nothing worse than getting lost. I personally use Maps on my iPhone, but some people prefer Waze or Google maps


Road Trip Essentials Snacks| Monroe XO

Long car rides tend to get boring after a couple of hours, and somehow our stomachs get hungrier. Stock up on some of your fav snacks on the go. If you have time plan ahead by packing healthy treats for your trip!

Lit Playlist




Nothing makes a road trip better than a lit playlist. What songs/albums are you guys currently rotating in your playlist?

Car Charger and Portable Chargers

Road Trip Essentials Car Charger | Monroe XO

What’s worse than having a dead phone while on the road for hours? Charge up! Chargers with multiple USB outlets are great because no one has to fight over charger time!

Comfy Clothing

Road Trip Essentials Fashion| Monroe XO

Leggings, sneakers, T-shirt and favorite hoodie are my go to road trip outfit. Other bonus items are large bougie shades, and oversized bags you can never go wrong with these.


Road Trip Essentials Cash | Monroe XO

I personally hate carrying cash because I spend it a lot quicker. LOL. But it’s best to have some money for the long trips, especially when driving through tolls.

Emergency Kit

Road Trip Essentials Car Kit | Monroe XO

I always keep one in my car just in case, but it will definitely come in handy for road trips.

Emergency Beauty Kit

Road Trip Essentials Emergency Beauty Kit | Monroe XO

Having some beauty essentials for on the go is great. Some of my favorites are under eye gel mask, Chapstick, deodorant, and a portable mini toothbrush. I ‘ve found this emergency kit at Nordstrom for $18! Everyone needs this in their bag.

Blanket & Pillow

Road Trip Essentials Blanket| Monroe XO

There is nothing better than a good nap, with the seat, reclined all the way back while snuggled up with a pillow and blanket. Perfect to have just in case there’s an emergency that arises.

What are your road trip essentials?

-Saki XO


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