We’re Going to Need More Wine Book Review

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It is hard to do a book review without giving too many spoilers so here goes…

I had the opportunity to listen to Gabrielle Unions, “We’re Going to Need More Wine” audiobook. I love that Gabrielle decided to be the narrator of this book. Listening to her tell her story felt like a friend telling me all of her past juicy secrets and life lessons.

We're Going to Need More Wine Review | Monroe XO

The book goes THERE, when I say it goes THERE… It really does! It gets deep! From her rape story to her parent’s separation and even infertility struggles, Gabby leaves no part of her story untold. She shares lighter hearted moments in the book too! I loved hearing about her childhood, dating life, and now married life with Dwayne Wade. She is very candid and blunt throughout the entire book. I literally finished the book in one day.

I appreciated her honesty so much! Her realness was felt in every segment of the book. Her voice on colorism inspires me. She is not scared to speak up and use her platform to address these topics. I think that is important in this day and age. A lot of people have a platform but aren’t using it to the fullest. She enlightens us on “societal norms’ that most are scared to speak up about. This book came out right around the #MeToo scandal time. I think more women need to speak up. They should be able to feel safe. We’ve come so far as a society, but there’s still a ways left to go.

I did not think this book would empower me as much as it did. Union is unapologetically herself which made me take a look at my life. It inspires me to live in my truth and be unapologetically myself.

I definitely recommend this book. It is not a typical memoir but more of a friend telling a friend her story. My only regret while listening to this book was that I did not have a glass of wine handy!


Have you read this book? Also,  if you have any book suggestions, please let me know in the comments.

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