Saki’s Beauty Commandments

By: @sakiraphael

Commandment -a divine rule, a rule to be observed as strictly as one of the Ten Commandments. So why not instill that into our beauty?

It can be hard to stick to a routine, but if you try to incorporate these commandments into your everyday lifestyle, it will be a lot easier.  I’ve come up with 11 beauty commandments that we should always keep in mind.

1.Thou shall ALWAYS wash makeup brushes.

Every wonder why your breaking out and haven’t changed your wash routine? Cleaning your brushes prevent bacteria build up and keep them soft enough to prevent damage to the skin.

2. Thou shall ALWAYS wear the correct foundation shade.

I mean… do I really need to go into details?

Saki's Beauty Commandments | Monroe XO

3. Thou shall ALWAYS blend makeup.

To have a flawless look take your time and blend, blend, blend.

4. Thou shall exfoliate

Not only the face but body as well. Want to have a soft and smooth skin? Exfoliate a couple times a week, and you will see a difference.

5.Thou shall moisturize face and body daily

Nothing is worse than dry skin.

6.Thou shall NOT wear chipped nail polish.

7. Thou shall not skip conditioner

Deep conditioning is LIFE; your hair will thank you.

Saki's Beauty Commandments | Monroe XO

8. Thou shall know facials and masks are EVERYTHING!

9. Thou shall pay attention to details.

Always pay attention to your body, look for abnormalities or just signs that your body is telling you that you need to do.

10. Thou shall put self-care first.

Massages, working out, meditation, etc.

11. Thou shall always Glow.

Stay lit and drink water, your body will be glowing from within and out.  

Saki's Beauty Commandments | Monroe XO

I’m challenging you to live and swear by some of these commandments. Add your personal touches as well. What are some of your favorite beauty commandments you cannot live without?




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