Let’s talk going Self-Hosted with Blogerize!

By: @mekamonroe

Woohoo, I finally made it through to the other side. Was it easy? No. Did I feel like giving up at times? Yes. One of my 2017 goals was to go self-hosted. I was completely and utterly lost when it came to domains, designs, and setup. As you can imagine, I wasn’t 100% sure where I should start.

When Elena from Blogerize reached out to me asking if I needed a blog design I quickly and thankfully accepted. I saw this offer as manifestation at its finest. The Blogerize team quickly drafted up a design that entirely represents my brand. Monroe XO’s new design really captures everything I wanted my blog to be. I wanted a clean and sleek design, that’s modern and me.

After choosing my blog design and layout, Elena helped me transfer everything. I had a major freak out trying to do it on my own. I am super thankful for her patience! Within a few hours, my new self-hosted blog was up and running.

Blogerize not only specialize in blog design but they help teach you the ins and outs of blogging. They not only have courses for beginner bloggers but a cool course for making money blogging.

Big thank you to Blogerize because I wouldn’t have been able to get my site up and running without your help! If you’re looking to upgrade your blog design, start a blog, or refresh your blogging skills make sure to check out blogerize.com


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