Clear Skin Post Workout

Its that time of year when everyone, and I mean everyone is at the gym. I support anyone who aims to reach yearly fitness goals and accomplishes them. Although we may not want to, we have to put our butts in gear and get to the gym. Working out is not only good for how you want to look but great for your health as well!

Clear Skin Post Workout | Monroe XO

You ever leave the gym, and have errands to do right after but try not to look sweaty? I don’t want to walk out the gym looking greasy. Gross! Lol. I love my face to always feel refreshed. I came up with 3 easy skincare steps to feel refreshed and clean after the gym. I have also listed links to my favorite products below.


Micellar water removes the need for H2o and also cleanses the skin.  Simply soak a cotton ball or pad with the micellar water and sweep it across your whole face once or twice. My favorite cleanser is the brand Simple.

Clear Skin Post Workout | Monroe XO



After cleansing, refresh your face with a spritz of your favorite facial spray, I personally love Evian Brumisateur Natural Mineral water facial spray. Great for all skin types.  I love to pick up the travel duo pack from Sephora for like $15 bucks.

Clear Skin Post Workout | Monroe XO




Hydrating your skin is VERY important, especially for post workouts. Moisturize your skin with a lightweight, oil-free formula like.  I like to alternate between Simple and Cetaphil.                                 


Just a few extra minutes in the locker room can make all the difference in your skincare. Try to incorporate these essential steps into your post-workout routine, and you will thank me later.  Remember to always drink water. Staying hydrated recovers your skin from the lost moisture in the heated environment

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