The Easiest Way to Work with Brands as a Small Youtuber

If you clicked on this post chances are you are a small youtuber looking for ways to make more income. In my last post, I discussed sponsored post. Today I want to give a more in-depth approach on one of the ways you can obtain sponsorships as a small youtuber. If it weren’t for sponsored posts, my income would be almost obsolete when it pertains to my influencer career.

How to Get Sponsorships as a Small Youtuber | Monroe XO

There are a few websites that offer sponsorship opportunities. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few of these sites. This takes out the majority of the legwork in contacting companies. The website is the middleman. Brands post possible sponsorships and you the creator can apply. Most of the sponsorship websites let you name your price and a brief synopsis of the content you would be able to provide if given the opportunity.How to Get Sponsorships as a Small Youtuber | Monroe XO

Here are a few sponsorship websites I recommend for small youtubers.


Grapevine is one of my absolute favorite websites to use for sponsorships. They accepted me with less than 5,000 subscribers. Grapevine allows you to connect your Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account to show companies your total reach. This influences whether a company will consider using you to be an influencer for their brand.


  • Fewer people use this website which makes it easier to get sponsorships opportunities.
  • Set your own price.
  • Companies actually work with smaller brands!
  • An easy way to stay in communication with brand once proposal is accepted.
  • Shows brand response time to proposals. I find this helps me not to keep checking if they have responded to my proposal.
  • Quick response time from brands


  • The companies can negotiate what they think you’re worth. They do not have accept your requested rate.


I love using Collectively! Collectively offers product launches, brand campaigns, product samples, events, and more. Influencers fill out an application to be accepted. Again, I was accepted with less than 5,000 subscribers. This website acts as a matchmaker. Instead of applying for sponsorships, collectively emails you whenever an opportunity that suits your content comes along.


  • Works with micro influencers
  • Offers major brand opportunities


  • You have to wait until they contact you. This can be problematic for hungry smaller youtubers looking for work. I will say that when they do contact you, they don’t disappoint!

Tap Influence

Tap influence is similar to collectively. Influencers enter their total outreach, and brands view your profile and contact you directly if they find you a fit for their brand.


  • Loads of opportunities available.
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Great paying campaigns


  • Prices are non-negotiable.
  • Payment can be delayed if every step isn’t followed. Make sure to submit each commitment agreed to in the contract.

I recommend these websites the most for us micro-influencers. The requirements aren’t super outrageous which give us endless opportunities to sponsorships.

How Much to Charge Brands

How to Get Sponsorships as a Small Youtuber | Monroe XO

Now that you’ve signed up for these websites how much should you charge?

Firstly, make sure to know your worth. If you can provide quality content, put that into consideration.I like to use a specific formula when considering what to charge brands. Does the material need HQ photos, more than 1 video, social media promotion? All of this should be totaled into one flat fee.


  • How much do you feel you should get paid for the content your providing?

(Think about your subscribers, audience interest, and views)

  • What’s the companies budget?

(You can find out the exact budget on Grapevine, use that to your advantage.)

  • What would you pay you based on what you know you can provide.

(Be realistic about what you can provide. Go by your stats! Don’t cheat yourself.)

Always follow through and remember to only apply for sponsorships that relate to your brand and your audience interest.

If you have any questions about getting sponsorships as a small youtuber you can email me at

Thanks for reading!!!

-Monroe XO


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